The Ultimate Architectural Expression Tuned to Perfection.
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The Ultimate Architectural Expression Tuned to Perfection

Bösendorfer represents the oldest brand of handmade pianos, originating from the 1800s. In the recent years, they have successfully been modernizing specialty pianos by working with interior designers, architects, artist and design firms to provide limited edition, artist/designer and special piano models.

For a limited time, the Opus 50 Bösendorfer Grand Piano, has come to Toronto from a world tour and is being showcased at Robert Lowery Piano Experts. This exquisite piano marks the 50,000th piano Bösendorfer has handmade, and was created in time to celebrate the 185th anniversary of Bösendorfer.

In 1867, the architect Theophil Hansen, who was responsible for the design of the Wiener Musikverein concert hall, and designer Anton Grosser, designed pianos for the World Exhibition in Paris. The architect and designer’s visions inspired the vital stylistic element of the Opus 50 – the elegant and delicate use of gold. Covered with gold leaf, the sublime golden interior of the piano permeates the body of the instrument. Inspired by the golden caryatids that still adorn the concert hall of the Wiener Musikverein, two of these figures decorate the front of the instrument. The caryatids were cast in bronze using the traditional lost wax technique before they were gilded using 24 carat gold.

Embracing masterful craftsmanship, Bösendorfer artisans build each piano through traditional and modern methods. The Artist Series include famous paintings such as Gustav Klimt's “The Kiss” as well as the “The Women in Gold”. Bösendorfer, in cooperation with the Belvedere Museum in Vienna, used the museum’s very own high resolution image of the paintings and through advanced reprographic techniques, successfully reproduced it on the inside of the piano lid. Bösendorfer craftsmen then further customized it by applying additional elements of real gold leaf.

Customization is available for many Bösendorfer pianos, including chrome finishes, different wood finishes as well as custom design requests. For more information inquire with our Bösendorfer Consultants here.

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